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Emulation Software


Please select the appropriate product from the Emulation Software Downloads below. Please always make sure as with the installation of any other software that you close any open programs that are running on your PC before starting the installation of any of the emulation softwares below.

PRC Emulation Software General Information
PC Emulation (PASS, PRC Application and Support Software) software allows you to create, modify, and save vocabularies, then load them into your communication aid or use the software as a communication aid demo. You can also use the PASS to create support materials; cheat sheets, manual boards, vocabulary lists, and so on. With PASS, AAC support professionals can work on their client's device contents without needing to have the device present.
System Requirements:
Windows® 98SE, Windows 2000 or Windows® XP
Pentium II processor (minimum)
128 MB RAM - 100-300 MB available disk space
Sound Card and speakers
Display: 800x600 min.
High Color (16 bit) min.
True Color (32 bit) recommended
Please note with latest and legacy versions, you can load older MTI files into the latest versions of the PASS software but you can not load it back into an older version of PASS or device software. It's best to use the version that matches your device software, unless you only want to use the software for demo purposes, in which case always select the latest version.

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